Ascend NetSolutions is a customized software provider with passion for helping people to overcome their challenges by the means of the latest technologies.

SpecializediOS and Android

We are specialized in offering mobile solutions based on iOS and Android and meant to solve various business needs, as well as to ease ordinary people lives.


We genuinely believe that one of our main competitive advantage consists in our flexibility in relation to the project's requirements, platforms and programming languages.


By combining it with the innovative approach that our team uses in the early stage of conceptualization of a new project, the results usually represent a high degree of satisfaction and return rate for our customers.

Mihai Emil Paun

CEO Ascend

Ada Costache

Project Manager

Mihaela Zavragiu

Project Manager

Larisa Gheorghe

Project Manager

Constantin Munteanu

Web IT Manager

Adrian Nastase

Team Leader Android

Doru Insuratelu

System Administrator

Marius Copacel

Web Developer

Petros Kapouranis

Web Developer

Jafar Jabr

React Native Developer

Robert Somodi

Front-End Developer

Virgil Adascalitei

Operator Backend